Here’s what we do.

At the heart of it, we’re storytellers. Communication is critical to every part of our lives, and it’s important that the right audiences hear what we need them to hear. We know that if you’re not telling your story, someone else might tell it for you and the results could be disastrous. Let us help you say the right thing to the right people at the right time.

Litigation Communication

When a client engages in litigation, public relations is a critical, but often overlooked component to success. Balancing the demands of a legal strategy with a communications effort is always in the client’s best interest. We know from experience that we work well with attorneys on maximizing results in and out of the courtroom.

– Public Relations
– Audience Engagement
– Message Development
– Media Training
– Media Relations

Crisis Communication

No one is immune from a crisis, whether internal or external. We know that clients who are well prepared for a crisis have a better chance of weathering the situation, and we excel at training organizations to identify potential crises and prepare crisis communications plans. When a crisis does strike, we can help navigate the storm by providing counsel and strategic services, guiding your responses to the audiences who matter most.

– Scenario-Based Training
– Crisis Plan Development
– Media Training
– Crisis Management & Response
– Media Relations

Strategic Planning & Execution

Strategic planning is the foundation to any good marketing, public relations or public affairs effort. Using measurable objectives, we can help an organization achieve measurable results, demonstrating a definite return on investment. Strategic communications can help a company expand its business, give a non-profit organization the tools to build a successful fund development initiative or help a university increase enrollment.

– Communications Audits
– Strategic Communications Plans
– Key Message Development

Public Relations & marketing

To us, being busy doesn’t always mean being effective, so we focus on measurable results. Whether you’re building grassroot support for an initiative, expanding your market share for a product or service, or trying to communicate more clearly with your stakeholders, we can help.

– Public Relations
– Integrated Marketing Plans
– Public Affairs & Grassroot Outreach
– Speech Writing & Talking Points
– Copywriting & Content Development
– Media Training
– Social Media Management
– Media Relations
– Special Event Planning

Industry Experience

Over the years, our team has served a wide range of industries, including the following:

– State Government
– Emergency Management
– Education
– Real Estate
– Law/Legal
– Law Enforcement
– Banking & Finance

– Child Welfare & Advocacy
– Food & Beverage
– Economic Development
– Transportation
– Certified Public Accounting
– Authors
– Film