Month: May 2018

Farewell Post: Lily Henkel

(Editor’s Note: Lily Henkel has been our social media manager for nearly two years and is leaving us to take a job for a PR firm in New York City. We’re obviously excited for her and this new opportunity, even though we’re sulking a bit and will miss her very much.)

As Sandi never fails to mention, it all started my Junior year at FSU when I talked too much in her PR Writing class. She called me out, we had a laugh, and not long after that I started at Bulldog Strategy Group as an intern. I was hooked from the beginning; the clients are so much fun to work with, my coworkers are amazing and I have always been included in meetings and events. Even from day one I had the opportunity to take on whatever projects I was interested in, and as a result I now have a diverse portfolio and variety of skills to put on my resume. Working at BSG has easily been one of my most impactful college experiences, and the friends I have made here will last a lifetime.

One of my favorite memories at BSG was when we moved in to our new office location. The whole team got together to measure, paint and plan the layout of our new space. We ordered pizza, played some music, and it was so much fun despite working so hard. It was this move-in day that I really started feeling close with all my coworkers — nothing brings people together better than spending a few hours in a room together working toward the same goal.

Since that move-in day, the BSG team has truly been a work family. From projects to event coordination and even slip-n-slide parties and drinks in pineapples, my BSG family will always be one of my favorite college memories and an experience that I draw from for years to come.

Farewell Post: Alex Buss

(Editor’s Note: Alex Buss has been our content specialist for the past year, although she’s been involved in pretty much every project we’ve taken on in that time. She is taking a job with the state of Florida and will be missed immensely, although we have a sneaking suspicion she’ll visit from time to time!)

During the summer of 2017, I was volunteering at the Leon County Humane Society with Sandi when I found out she owned her own PR Company named Bulldog Strategy Group. Soon after the dog wash, Sandi offered me some contract work I just couldn’t pass up. It wasn’t long before I knew this was the workplace for me.

At the time, one of our clients involved working with Florida law enforcement. I did a lot of research on fallen law enforcement officers and the sacrifices they made for our communities. My favorite part was writing social media posts to honor their memories.

We also worked with Lauren’s Kids, an official 501(c)(3). Working with nonprofits is important to me because I know that the intended outcome is for the good of others. My favorite part about Lauren’s Kids was having the opportunity to educate adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through a statewide awareness campaign. My colleagues and I worked very hard to make sure that the message was clear and that everyone in the state was aware of the walk.

My favorite memory at BSG was when we took a trip to the Ocheesee Creamery. One of our amazing clients, Nic Stoltzfus, and his family took us on a tour of the dairy farm. We had a blast petting the calves, picking mulberries and eating fresh homemade ice cream.

The wide variety of clients we have worked with has profoundly diversified my work skills, which I will likely use for the rest of my life. I am grateful for my time and experience with the BSG team!

Field Trip: Ocheesee Creamery

Last month, Elam and Nic Stoltzfus – our friends from Live Oak Production Group – invited us at Bulldog Strategy Group to explore their corner of the Florida panhandle: farms, rolling hills, pastures, cattle and the nearby Ocheesee Creamery. After getting a glimpse of their home, it’s clear where they get their passion for projects like the PBS film Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles.

Our first stop was the Ocheesee Creamery, a beautiful and delicious product of three generations of Nic’s mother’s family, the Wesselhoefts. Located in Calhoun County, Florida, its purpose is to bring back the healthy benefits of dairy products that come from “grass-happy cows.” This means that rather than raising cows in unhealthy factory conditions, Ocheesee cows have the freedom to graze on a pasture. This allows the cows to take in natural sunlight and fresh air and keep a fresh grass diet, which studies have proven increases the quality of milk produced.

After just minutes of being on site, we were greeted by almost the whole Wesselhoeft family. All of them (kids included) had a part to play in operating the Ocheesee Creamery. They took us behind the scenes in their facilities and showed us the ins and outs of producing various types of milk, ice cream, yogurt and butter.

We were treated to the full Ocheesee experience, from meeting a newborn calf and picking (and eating!) mulberries from the trees to finally getting to taste their world-class ice cream. We didn’t leave empty handed either; we walked away with a cooler FULL of Ocheesee dairy products.

Our second destination was the Stoltzfus home, AKA Live Oak Production Group headquarters. We enjoyed an amazing, home-cooked meal and talked business for a bit before taking tour #2: the garden and livestock edition. No one knows Florida flora and fauna like the Stoltzfus family. Just outside the backdoor were several gardens, each featuring a wide array of colors and smells sure to make even the most seasoned gardener envious. Birds and butterflies were plentiful and several ingredients for our lunch were sourced just feet away from the kitchen.

One especially lucky member of the BSG family – Todd the rescue bulldog puppy – had the experience of a lifetime meeting all the Stoltzfus animals, including several indifferent chickens, a curious but cautious cat, several cows, and his best friend of the day, Lefty the horse (who stars in the Great Florida Cattle Drive!).

After a long day touring the beautiful countryside of Florida, we all headed back to Tallahassee with stories to tell. Big thanks to the Stoltzfuses for hosting us on this adventure!